How to Install a Splashback

We offer an Installation Package that contains the following items: Silicone, Fire Retardant Board, 3mm spacers and silicone pad. This can be purchased from our showroom, or by contacting us online.

Make sure all power points are removed before installation

  1. First cut out 200mm high by length of oven top for fire retardant, place the fire retardant in the space where plaster was cut-out.
  2. Next is to silicone the wall, squeeze silicone in even vertical lines across the length of wall.
    Simply press the glass against the wall and apply pressure over the entire surface of the glass. If at any point the glass feels a little ‘bouncy’ when pressed against the wall then pull it back off and add more silicone at that point. Put the glass back on the wall and test it again, if there is still a bit of movement then repeat the process until the entire panel feels solid on the wall.
  3. Once the glass is fitted please leave it for at least 24 hours before removing the tile spacers or wiping the glass vigorously. Once the spacers are removed you are now ready to seal the glass splashbacks. We recommend that a clear silicone is used for this as we believe it leaves the tidiest finish.
  4. Run a bead of clear silicone along the bottom of the glass (where it meets the worktop) and where two panels meet. Use warm soapy water and squirt it on the silicone, then wipe the excess off with your finger and try not to smear too much over the face of the glass. It is important the splashbacks are well sealed, especially in areas where they are likely to be splashed with water etc.